Bug Identified in May, June and July 2023 Portfolio's Release


Today at 1000 CDT, Cloud Operations will continue deploying patch 1 to customer environments (production and sandbox) running June 2023. This will include All customers, both those that are part of the Continuous Cloud program as well as those who normally schedule their updates on an ad-hoc basis.


Development will have June 2023 Patch 1 ready to be released within the hour. We will begin deployments to customer environment that are part of Continuous Cloud Week 4 at 1600 CDT. We will continue until all these environments have been patched. We will pick back up with the rest of the customer environment that are on June 2023 and begin patching them tomorrow around 1000 CDT.

Thank You,

Cloud Operations Team


To provide an update, Development has been working on a patch for the June 2023 update. Upon the completion of the testing and release of the code, Cloud Operations will begin patching Continuous Cloud Customers that receive their Sandbox deployments on the 4th week of the month.

We will provide an update to that status of the patch today at 1300 CDT.

Thank you,

Cloud Operations Team


Planview has identified a major bug in the May, June and July 2023 Portfolios versions. We are stopping the line for all of these version deployments going forward until a fix has been made available. This will affect both Ad-Hoc requests as well as Continuous Cloud updates. We will reach out with more details once the fix has been identified, including how scheduling will adjust and get back on track for Continuous Cloud time lines. This also impacts deployment and updates for Enterprise Architecture (EA).

Please open a case with support.planview.com if you have any questions.

Thank you Cloud Operations Team

5 Affected Services: