US - IdeaPlace Chicago Datacenter

IdeaPlace Planned Maintenance June


The planned IdeaPlace maintenance for the weekend of June 30-July 2 is finished. Customer Care will contact any customers who need to take additional action following the maintenance.


IdeaPlace maintenance continues. The next set of instances in the Chicago (ORD) Datacenter are being taken offline now for maintenance.


IdeaPlace maintenance is continuing. The instances taken offline for maintenance Friday night are back online. Additional instances in the Chicago (ORD) datacenter may be taken offline beginning Sunday morning for the next phase of maintenance.


IdeaPlace planned maintenance is beginning now. Certain instances in the Chicago (ORD) DataCenter will be taken offline for network maintenance, and will remain offline until sometime tomorrow, 7/1/2023


The IdeaPlace planned maintenance will take place beginning Friday June 30 at 7:30 PM CDT and continuing through the weekend. Certain instances in the Chicago (ORD) Datacenter will be taken offline for maintenance, and will remain so during the weekend. Customers whose instances will be affected have been notified by Customer Care. No instances in any other region will be affected.


Please be advised that the IdeaPlace maintenance to our infrastructure planned for June 23-25, 2023 has been postponed. The maintenance, which will only affect certain servers in our Chicago (ORD) region, is now anticipated to occur June 30-July 2. An additional announcement will be made when the dates are firmed up.