Report Subscription Issue


On September 21st, Planview identified a report subscription issue that affects the standard subscriptions functionality of Enterprise One, versions 15 and above.

Issue: Based upon a specific sequence of user actions taken updating an existing subscription definition, a given report will be distributed containing the incorrect portfolio data within a company’s internal environment to recipients of a different subscription definition. There is NO issue where information is delivered outside the customers instance.

User actions: When updating an existing subscription (subscription B) the portfolio context would be improperly set based on the value from the previously edited subscription (subscription A) which would result in subscription B running and sending the wrong data to recipients defined on subscription B. This would only be possible if a given report had multiple subscriptions defined across multiple portfolios.

Planview has since resolved this issue with a security patch and made publicly available to our customer base.

Planview recommends applying the latest update/patch to your environment in-order-to prevent the possibility of encountering this scenario.

October 2020 -

Version 17 -

Version 16 -

Version 15 -

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