Power BI Service Change


A change in how dataset authentication is managed within the Microsoft Power BI service (app.powerbi.com) was recently introduced which may impact Enterprise One customers.

The impacted reporting workflow is as follows:
Power BI reports sourcing from Planview odata uploaded to the app.powerbi.com service.
Once the report is uploaded to app.powerbi.com datasets are placed on a refresh schedule or manually refreshed.

When datasets are attempted to be refreshed an error is thrown due to the authentication changes referenced.
This authentication change may also impact other non-Planview datasources being managed within app.powerbi.com as well.

Open/Edit report(s) in Power BI desktop, refresh all datasets, once refresh is complete save the report and re-upload to app.powerbi.com. If this particular workflow will affect any of your existing Planview reporting content please submit a support case via support.planview.com.

The Planview product and support teams are evaluating options for addressing this authentication change within the odata service. More information will be provided once an approach and timing is determined.

Thank you,
The Planview Team

6 Affected Services: